Upgrading Home Decor: The Must-Have Add-Ons You Need

You’ve got the basic interior designing done for your home, but now you want to take it up a notch. After all, a house becomes a home when you add those special touches that make each space welcoming and livable. Whether it’s creating a spa-like oasis in your bathroom, making hallways and corridors stylish transition zones, turning your balcony into an outdoor paradise, designing a fun yet functional kid’s room, or giving your pooja space a divine touch, it’s the little details in your home interior design that make a big difference.

1- Transform Your Bathroom Into a Personal Spa

With some key additions, you can turn your basic bathroom into a luxurious spa-like retreat.

Install a bathtub. A deep soaking tub is ideal for long, leisurely bubble baths. Look for a tub that holds at least 50-60 gallons of water so you can submerge yourself completely.
Add plush towels and a bath mat. Thick, soft towels and a non-slip bath mat make the experience more enjoyable and help you relax.
Use aromatherapy. Essential oil diffusers or scented candles can fill your bathroom with calming fragrances like lavender, jasmine or sandalwood.
Provide natural lighting. Maximize natural light with large windows. Dimmer switches also allow you to control the amount of light for a spa ambiance.
Play relaxing music. Create a playlist of slow instrumentals, nature sounds or ambient electronica.
Include pampering products. Stock your bathroom with luxurious lotions, bath salts, bubble bath, facial masks and body scrubs. A variety of pampering products means you can customize your experience every time.

A few strategic additions can turn an ordinary bathroom into a restful retreat. Take time each day to unwind and de-stress in your new personal spa. You will feel completely re-energised in no time.

2- Make Hallways and Corridors Inviting Transition Zones

Turn those dull hallways and corridors into inviting transition zones.

Dark, narrow hallways can make any space feel cramped and closed in. Open them up by painting the walls a light, bright color. White or off-white are always a good choice as they make the space feel more expansive. You can also add accent walls in complementary hues for visual interest.

Consider adding lighting, such as pendant lights, wall sconces or recessed lights. Increase the wattage of any overhead fixtures for maximum brightness. Additional lighting will make the space feel more welcoming and help prevent that “tunnel effect.”
Add decorative accents to bring warmth and personality. Place a rug, runner or decorative tiles down the length of the hallway. Hang art, photos, mirrors or wall sculptures along the walls. A console table, bench or cabinet along one wall provides a spot for a vase of flowers, books or baskets.
For extra storage, use a cabinet with doors or an armoire. Baskets, bins and boxes on the floor, shelves or in a cabinet help corral smaller items. Make sure any furniture or accents you add still allow for easy navigation and traffic flow.

With some strategic lighting, a fresh coat of paint, decorative accents and useful storage furniture, you can transform dark, cramped hallways into inviting transition zones that enhance your home’s overall interior design and make the space more enjoyable to traverse. Your hallway makeover may just inspire you to linger a little longer!

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