Smart kitchen appliances that pair with helpful apps to make cooking easier

Bringing tech into the kitchen has its benefits: it can make you a faster and more precise home cook.
Once you take a little time to tinker with the initial set-up, you’ll be able to do things like monitor your cooking process and adjust various settings from inside and outside the house.
Smart kitchen appliances to free up your time in the kitchen include a WiFi- and Alexa-compatible Instant Pot and a Nutribullet blender that measures the nutrition value of each smoothie ingredient.

Cooking is an art form that encourages creativity, but it also requires precision and control if you want a meal that is actually fully cooked and tastes good.

Smart kitchen gadgets combine tech with traditional appliances and guide you through the cooking process to help make cooking easier. They also free up your schedule so you’re not spending unnecessary time watching your meal cook — many of the appliances below pair with apps that let you monitor and adjust temperatures, cooking times, and power switches remotely.

Whether you’re a novice who is typically afraid of stepping foot into the kitchen, or a seasoned cook who wants to multitask, the following smart kitchen appliances can help you create the perfect meal.

A meat thermometer
This smart thermometer has an outdoor wireless range of 200 feet and sends you a notification and alarm when your meat reaches the set temperature. Through the app, you can see real-time temperatures and save cooking presets for your favorite recipes. The thermometer itself has an easy-to-read LCD display and the probes can be left inside the oven for the entire time.

A cocktail scale
Become the party’s resident mixologist with this scale that will make you the perfect drink every single time. Explore over 400 recipes, or discover new ones based on the ingredients you already have on hand. To use the scale, pour the ingredients into the glass until you hear a “ding.” If you overpour, the scale will re-calculate the proportions so your drink still tastes delicious. Shake or stir away, and the built-in timer will tell you when you’ve reached the optimal dilution and chill.

A smart fridge that can help plan your meals
This fridge is more than a food storage appliance. Set expiration notifications so your food never goes bad, plan a meal based on the available ingredients in your fridge, and see the contents of your fridge from anywhere. You can share photos and synced calendars on the screen, plus control smart home devices like lights, thermostats, and doorbells, and stream music, all through voice commands.

A full-sized blender
Make smoothies, dips, desserts, and soups with this versatile, professional-grade blender. Its motor base can detect the container size, then adjust program settings and blending times accordingly, while the programmable, built-in timer turns the blender off automatically when your custom recipe is done blending. The app features 17 blending programs and more than 500 recipes.

An Instant Pot you can use with Alexa to find delicious new recipes
It’s all the versatility and ease of use of a classic Instant Pot multicooker, with the additional benefits of WiFi access and a hands-free voice assistant. When your hands are full but you want to plan dinner, you can ask Alexa for a recipe. Through the app, you can control and adjust cook settings and check the progress of your meal so you know exactly when to start setting the table.

A sous vide
This light, sleek, and powerful sous vide is less than a foot tall, so it won’t take up too much room in your kitchen drawer. It’s also Alexa-compatible and connects to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The accompanying app is filled with recipes, and has a Visual Doneness feature that shows you exactly how your food will turn out. Home cooks love how it can produce restaurant-quality results every single time.

A more user-friendly and affordable sous vide
Anova’s precision cooker is another popular sous vide choice. It’s also Bluetooth-, Wi-Fi-, and Alexa-compatible, though it’s a little clunkier than the Joule. The Anova must be clipped to the pot, but it wins points for having a readable display and a huge library of more than 1,000 recipes.

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